Pyrene Tennis Camp

Learning, improvement, competition and fun in tennis & languages go together in the heart of the Pyrenees

Protocol & Anti-Covid19 measurements

These rules are subject to possible changes in view of the pandemic evolution and healthcare authorities guidelines.
As a general rule and starting point, we will follow the guidelines provided by the Healthcare Ministry.


  • Face mask must be worn on all the time
  • Hands sanitising with hydroalcoholic gel at the beginning and the end of every lesson
  • Personal stuff is not allowed to be shared (water bottles, clothes, food, rackets…)
  • Inform your tutor or teacher immediatelywhen any compatible symptoms with Covid 19 might show up

Accommodation and Sports Facilities

  • Disinfection of shared areas during all the season
  • Indoor areas ventilation
  • Social distancing signposting
  • Hydroalcoholic ge lstations in all the facility
  • Common sports equipment will be desinfectedbefore and after its use

Hotel & Restaurant El Acebo fulfils with all guidelines given by the Government
for hospitality sector.

Before the Camp

To participate in the Camp, all the families must accept a responsible statement where will guarantee their child’s health has been appropriated for the last 10 days and did not have any Covid 19 compatible symptoms, besides not having had any kind of contact with anyone with those symptoms or with a positive and self isolated case.

All the families will be informed through a special document before the beginning of the camp about all the most updated hygiene and sanitationmeasures by the time the campbegins.

In case a positive case is detectedin a participant’s household while the activity is being developed, it must be
immediately reported to the authorities of the camp who will communicate with the healthcare service and will follow the given procedure.

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