Pyrene Tennis Camp

Learning, improvement, competition and fun in tennis & languages go together in the heart of the Pyrenees


PYRENE TENNIS CAMP is a pioneer project that begins this year in Jaca in the heart of Aragonese Pyrenees, and arises as a summer traditional leisure alternative, mixing learning, training and perfection in tennis and languages, through an attractive program based on the language immersion program and managed by qualified professionals in teaching and sports fields. All of this, in the countryside and following all COVID 19 protocols, in a natural landscape, safe and enjoyable and with a very well designed program designed by experts with a deep professional background in teaching and other fields.

Pyrene Tennis Camp 2021 is a bilingual English-Spanish campus directed towards youngsters from 8-16 and will take place between July and August 2021 on weekly shifts and with a full chance pension for all the participants who need to stay over Jaca during the Camp.

The purpose: All participants can learn English/Spanish and tennis while they are
having fun, in a cohabitation atmosphere helped by teachers and instructors who are highly experienced managing free time and leisure activities.

Vacancies are limited so they will be filled following the registration order.



Participants will have fun together in our 3 levels game that will rotate through technical-tactical and physical training system, and through a rotating system of game and points applied over the technical, tactical and physical preparation phase. To work on them, there will be 16 weekly sessions on the court; bearing in mind Saturday as a tournament day, therefore we will be allowed to show through that way an intensive and specific tennis program.

TECHNICAL PHASE. All the technical hits will be trained in accordance with student’s levels: right backhand, volley, serve, as their effects: lifted, cut and flat. The main method consists of hits repetition exercises to perfect and maintain student’s exercises with games and tests for every tennis hit will be developed as well, checking out mistakes statistics for all of them.

• TACTICAL PHASE. Knocking-up, and rally maintenance exercises, also known as control, from the 4 areas of the court and through different directions. In this phase, difficulty increases in the same way as players show their skills to keep a rally with the bigger number of exchanges without making any mistake. Situation on court applied to competition is also worked with, if the participant can reach the skill level required. Other exercises such as reduced matches with implemented tactical game rules applied on points are included.

• PHYSICAL PREPARATION PHASE. All physical preparation exercises are adapted to participant’s ages and levels. Physical preparation activities are split into sessions that alter resistance, strength-resistance circuits and other adapted specific tennis circuits, frequently combined with applied games.



During their stay at Pyrene Tennis Camp, our athletes will combine their sports practical lessons with their theory lessons where they dive into the tennis ocean developing the most remarkable faces of this sport.

a) Current rules that are put into practice
b) Basic tennis rules
c) Courts: Kind and technical complexities
d) Who are and were the most relevant tennis players throughout its history
e) What are the most prestigious national and international tennis tournaments

Throughout the stay in our camp, 8 hours of theory lessons about tennis world itself will take place, in which we will develop the above contents in order to complete the knowledge of this historic sport that has brought to us so much happiness.

Many of us master basic tennis rules, but some do not know they can even be more complex than they look at the first sight. For that reason, on the first Let’s talk about tennis we will try to answer all those doubts that came up when we are on the court playing a matc

Like every other aspects of life, learning tennis history and its greatest players we will turn into true experts on that field and will manage to apply all that knowledge on the court, imitating the best hits of the best known tennis players, such as Peter Sampras’ service, Rafael Nadal’s lifted drive, the powerful hits of Serena Williams or Roger Federer’s backhand. Analysing their skills, we will improve our athletes’ ones achieving quality, observation and carrying out each of the different hits.

We will know the most reputed and famous tournaments and championships that might make exalt us into the highest of this full of legends sport. Our final goal will be the seek of the best way to reach these desired and precious trophies that will turn us in the long run and after a big effort into the new ATP Olympic gods.


Camp Program is complemented with cultural and leisure activities in Jaca’s town centre and its natural landscape surroundings. Students will enjoy of the different organised workshops and games and an excursion to the countryside. That way, we will manage to reach cohabitation and partnership among our athletes that will be useful to make a closer and trustworthy relationship.


Pyrene Tennis camp will take place in Jaca, in privileged area in Aragonese Pyrenees, in the province of Huesca.
The town holds a valuable and long history as it was where the Kingdom of Aragon was born, and it is surrounded by a breath-taking landscape full of mountains that allows the development of different kind of sports and leisure activities nearby.

It is placed:

  • 75 km from Huesca
  • 150km from Zaragoza
  • 115 km from Pamplona
  • 210 km from Vitoria
  • 340 km from Barcelona
  • 450 km from Madrid

The sports facilities where most activities take place are managed by Pyrene Sport. Camino San Salvador, s/n, 22700 Jaca, Huesca (Spain)


The wide and complete facilities of Pyrene Sport with more than 10,000 m2 of total surface, (2,000 m2 of green areas and 4,500 m2 of sports areas) allow that most activities can be developed without leaving the facilities, avoiding unnecessary displacements but for the hotel and cultural or countryside activities.

Pyrene Sport is equipped with:

  • 5 tennis courts: 4 clay court (2 indoor y 2 outdoor) y 1 greenset
  • 4 paddle court: 1 covered, 1 outdoor y 2 indoor
  • 1 multisport outdoor court 20×10 with football goals and basketball baskets
  • 1 gimnasio y 1 sala de actividades dirigidas de fitness
  • 1 outdoor swimming pool with a wide green area
  • Big changing rooms with lockers and showers
  • 2 classrooms for language lessons
  • 1 living room with a ping-pong table
  • café
  • Wide courtyard with green areas
  • Free car park for users


Pyrene Tennis Camp offers participants who do not have accommodation in Jaca the option to choose full board rate in El Acebo Hotel and Restaurant. The hotel will take care of the different meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) of participants during they stay making sure boys and girls received plenty of healthy and varied meals.

  • IMPORTANT: make us aware in advance when you fill the registration sheet all
    possible allergies and intolerances of all the participants.

For further information about El Acebo Hotel and Restaurant:


Participants will have an instructor/ tutor or more (depends on the final numbers), who will be with them 24 hours a day, while they are getting around or doing the different activities away of tennis and language lessons.

Tennis instructors and language teachers are qualified and hold a deep background in their own workfields.


Pyrene Tennis Camp offers the full program option for non-residents and our activities program.

  • FULL PROGRAM. This option includes all the activities and the stay in Jaca throughout the week the camp will lasts. The participants will be looked after by their tutor or instructor 24 hours a day, with the exception of the time they spend on the tennis court or in the language classroom, where teachers and trainers will do instead.
    For participants who choose this option, the arrival will be on Sunday afternoon from 5:00 p.m. and departure, the following Sunday morning, before 12:30 pm.
  • ACTIVITIES PROGRAM. This option is offered to all the participants who do not request neither accommodation nor support in Jaca. It includes all the daily tennis and language activities in the camp from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 h – 13;30h and from 16:00 h – 19: 30h. And Saturday morning, tournaments.

Both options include civil liability and accident insurances.

The price does not include collecting and movements at airports or nearby station, rackets string and any other personal expenses. All of them can be hired individually or can be managed by Pyrene Tennis Camp organisation team.

15th-11th July849 €379 €
212th-18th July849 €379 €
319th-25th July849 €379 €
426th July – 1st August849 €379 €
52nd-8th August996 €489 €


Enrolment will be done through the available form on camp website.
There will be two payments made through two different transactions into the following bank accounts.

CAJA RURAL DE ARAGÓN – IBAN ES13 3191 0357 1454 8814 6423
BANCO DE SABADELL – IBAN ES20 0081 7222 9100 0122 1626

First Payment: 50% of total at enrolment
Second Payment: 50% of total before the 4th June 2021


Due to the exceptional situation we are currently going through, mainly consequence of COVID 19 pandemic. A full cancellation with a full refund will be offered as long as it justified providing the documents required by the organisation team such as Bank account number, medical reports, official announcements or others. For the remaining cancellations, 50% of the total amount already paid will be refunded as long as the request is made 20 days prior arrival at least.


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+34 660 817749

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