Pyrene Tennis Camp

Learning, improvement, competition and fun in tennis & languages go together in the heart of the Pyrenees


Your son/daughter does not need a specific skill level to participate in the camp. On the first tennis lesson, their level will be evaluated and groups will be made in accordance with their age and level.
Depending on the chosen language, trainings will be developed in English or Spanish with bilingual trainers.
In the hotel, youngsters will have access to a WIFI network and will be allowed to use electronic devices in their free time to communicate with their families. It is recommended they enjoy their stay with their camp mates avoiding as much as possible the use of their mobile phones. When the activities take place, mobile phones will not be allowed in order to take as much advantage as possible from them.
Pyrene Sport is Head & Prince main official shop, having a modest offer of tennis stuff in their facilities, although it is recommended that every player brings their own stuff with them. There is also a racket stringing service at Pyrene Sport
Check this issue with organization team through to arrange collection and any extra costs.
Activities, accommodation and meals (Breakfast, lunch & dinner) are included in the price plus two snacks (morning&afternoon). It is not advisable to children to carry a lot of pocket money with them, as they will only have the chance to spend it on souvenirs and snacks they want to buy in our facilities café, or in the town shops. 50 € - 70 € should be enough, although it is a personal decision for every single family.
Pyrene Sport facilities, where most activities will take place, will remain opento the public; therefore you will be able to view your son or daughter during their tennis lessons. Although we advise, those visits should be made on Saturdays.
On the following link, you will be able to do a virtual view of Pyrene Sports facilities in order to see where your children will do the camp.
On the website there is a section destined to sport material and all the required information about equipment, clothing and footwear can be found there.
Children will wash their own clothes twice a week at least. This issue will be managed by an instructor or tutor who will keep an eye on them 24 hours a day. This service is included in the price.
Groups will be made considering children’s skill level and age. There will be 4-6 children per tennis lesson and the same numbers for their language lessons as well.

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